Why Music for Africa?

Our Mission is to bring music in to the every day lives of young people in South Africa. We aim to provide young people with life enhancing access to music, particularly those in marginalized and subsistence level communities who otherwise would have no such opportunities, as a result of the apartheid era.

We inspire a love of music embracing classical, modern rock and traditional ethnic music. In so doing we raise skill levels, self-esteem, motivation, career and employment prospects. We empower and enable people across the community through music, ensuring skills are embedded to deliver long-term impact through sustainable provision.

We're doing so much more than teaching kids to play guitar. We're also developing their pride and self esteem; we're nurturing their determination and ambition as well as giving them a possible means of earning a living. 75% of our students who enter for music examinations with Trinity College of Music have achieved merits or distinctions and this is reflected in their school work.

Most of our income is raised via the open air concerts we hold each July and these funds enable us to buy instruments, find, train and pay the wages of local music teachers - and in the last few years we've even built new classrooms.

With thirty seven per cent of the population under 15 years old, the more we can do for this age group now, the better, because we're helping the future generation of a nation that's struggling to rebuild itself.

The money raised by Music for Africa is helping children of Africa to help themselves and giving them a future to look forward to.


What happens through our work?

140 students within ten of the Limpopo schools have weekly music lessons and a Cape Town project is also underway. Music lessons take place at the end of the school day. To begin with, we lend guitars to students and if they show a real commitment to learning, we provide them with a guitar of their own.

Great Saturday morning workshops take place once a month for students to get together and make music. They’re very well attended, enjoyed by students, parents and members of the broader community. For the future, we’d love to build these in to community concerts.

We encourage all our pupils to progress to Trinity College Music Exams and they achieve extraordinary results. Since 2004, 51 students have taken Grades 1-3. They’ve achieved one pass, 30 merits and an amazing 20 distinctions! In 2006 one pupil achieved a Trinity College ‘Highest Grade’ and Bronze Medal Award and in 2007 this was followed by two more pupils receiving the award. This is no mean feat as the Bronze Medal Award is one of the highest accolades achievable.

In 2007 10 students were entered for Trinity College Music Exams grades 1-4 in June and a further 17 Pupils entered on November 10th 2007 from Grades 1- 6.


Tom Toomey
Founder and Chairman, MfA