News from Africa - spring 2006

We are now teaching classical guitar to 160 students a week in 13 locations and one of our Grade 1 students has received The Trinity College of Music Bronze Medal Award for the highest mark in the grade! 15 more students take grades in May.


Elsie, one of our Teachers, now has running water (she used to get water in a bucket from the river).


Frank, our pupil turned teacher, is now teaching in Capetown. He flew on a plane and he saw the sea for the first time.


The recording studio is up and running. We have recorded some students playing grades and a blind left-handed guitarist (with the most AMAZING voice).


John Burton came out to South Africa this winter. He's taken some fantastic photos which we'll use in our 2007 Calendar. Don't go buying your calendars until you've seen ours!!!!! And there's going to be some beautifully designed cards by Gaynor Johnstone. Keep an eye out for our PRODUCTS page.


Got Elsie's brother, Benji, his first job as a motor mechanic.