History of Music for Africa (cont'd.)

MAY '01 Back to SA with a delivery of 45 classical , 1 bass and 2 electric guitars and 250 kg of children's clothing as well as pens, pencils, and writing materials kindly donated by Monteclefe Junior School in Somerton.


Huish College donates 50 guitars.


JULY '01 The 3rd Music for Africa concert at Haselbury Mill.

Meanwhile, Tom realises that if his project is going to develop he needs to bring in other schools and other people - so he runs a teachers' workshop. As a result of this, the original project jumps from 1 school to 7!


The school building project is coming along nicely. A friend, Jeremy Wood gives Tom a single contribution that is large enough to buy the roof! James Perry of Perrywood Designs Ltd physically goes out there to help raise it!

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