History of Music for Africa (cont'd.)

APRIL '98 Back in England, Tom begs and 'borrows' unwanted musical instruments from anyone who'll listen and organizes his first fund-raising event at The Phelips Arms in Montacute.


JULY '98 He returns to SA with £300 cash, guitars, recorders, glockenspiels - and 2 snare drums for the village's majorette troop.


JULY '98 - JULY '99 Tom makes several trips to SA with more cash, instruments and spends time teaching the kids.


JULY '99 1st open-air concert at Haselbury Mill, Yeovil. 12 bands perform and friends assist with the arrangements. Musicians give their time free (including Gordon Haskell - King Crimson and Robbie McIntosh - Wings). Tom brings Elias Seloane over who thanks everyone for their support and appeals for warm clothing for the kids (the winters are short but cold in SA). Tom raises £5,000 from this first concert - and that's enough to get the school classroom building programme kick-started!


AUGUST '99Tom takes instruments, cash and 8 suitcases of clothing to SA with the support of Anna, a BA steward who gave up her staff cargo space.


SEPTEMBER '99 Rosie Russell, Head of the Music Department, Yeovil College organizes a 12-month scholarship for Elsie to gain a Performing Arts Diploma. She leaves her 2 children and comes to England.

While in England, Elsie gives a concert in Wells Cathedral singing, among others, several Tracey Chapman songs.

Meanwhile, back in SA, SAMET (South African Music Education Trust) gives Tom's project a small amount of funding - just enough to keep things going.


JULY '00 The 2nd Music for Africa concert at Haselbury Mill.


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